• Use water-based lubrication:- Using a good water-based or gel-based lubricant is preferred by asian girls in vegas until your natural lubrication starts again. Generally, natural lubrication starts after recovery but due to breastfeeding, you should use water-based lubricants for extra safety and reduce pain during sex.
  • Keep expectations low:- due to surgery or normal delivery, your vagina and uterus go through severe damage which takes a long time to recover and due to delivery, your vagina loses its shape and becomes more elastic thus keep your expectations low from postpartum sex.
  • Stop immediately if it pains:- asian girls las vegas suggest to stop immediately if sex causes pain more than a bearable limit and get a checkup if continuous bleeding occurs.
  • Prefer quickie instead of long term:- doe to hormonal changes and less attraction towards long physical contacts, escorts recommend quickie sex more than long term or deeper sex.
  • Take it slow:- according to top escort your body is still in the recovery stage and your sex drive, as well as hormonal balance, is very low thus it is recommended to take it slow for as much time as you need to feel normal like before pregnancy.
  • Increase foreplay:- Foreplay can replace the main penetrative sex and make you get comfortable sooner than you normally take.backpage latinassay, flirting and foreplay release positive hormones and balance the all over hormonal level faster thus you should increase foreplay in your daily routine to get comfortable and enjoy postpartum sex.

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